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Wonder what will your baby look like? Here's a peek at some real newborns so that you'll know what to expect.
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What Will My Baby Look Like

First time mummies will always wonder what my baby will look like. While you keep predicting but cannot be sure how your little baby will look like.

While you can't help but make predictions, you can never be sure what your little one will look like. "If we examined all a fetus's DNA, we still wouldn't be able to truly anticipate things," says Barry Starr, Ph.D., geneticist in residence at The Tech Museum, in San Jose, California. When sperm met egg, the right mix of genes popped up so it could be expressed." Moreover, scientists explains, most traits are the result of multiple genes working together, so some of the effects of the genes are amplified, reduced, or completely turned off. No wonder it's so hard to know what kids will look like! Still, scientists do have some understanding about why we develop the features we do.

Wouldn't that be super cool if we knew how will our baby look like before it is even conceived? Well, that's scientifically not possible but we at babylooklike.com can help you solve the curiosity. We use advance tools to combine two pictures of husband and wife and will show you how your baby will look like. Give it a try and see yourself.

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